Tampere Music Challenge 2017: 1/10/2017
Rimeflame is participating in the Tampere Music Challenge contest. The venue of the contest is Jack the Rooster and our show day is 1/18/2017.
New album!!! 11/6/2016
Listen to our new album @ SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/rimeflame/sets/we-will-do-it-all-again
New live show at Varjobaari, Tampere on September 22, 2016: 9/13/2016
We're still alive and we have a new bass player. After rehearsing all the summer we're ready to play live shows again. Next we're playing at Varjobaari on Thursday 9/22/2016! Come to see our current line-up! https://www.facebook.com/events/1164551990254783/
New live show at Jack The Rooster, Tampere on October 29, 2015: 9/5/2015
We're playing at Jack The Rooster on Thursday 10/29/2015. https://www.facebook.com/events/957281654338680/
Arkadia, Project Verge, and Rimeflame @ Varjobaari, Tampere on June 12, 2015: 5/14/2015
We're playing at Varjobaari on Friday 06/12/2015 with Project Verge and Arkadia. Come check it out! https://www.facebook.com/events/778594838904878/
Changes...: 11/13/2014
We welcome our newest member on the drums: Eemi Fagerlund. Now we can continue to rehearse our new material for gigs.
Changes...: 10/7/2014
In the fall 2014 Tuomas left the band to work full-time for his studies. We're now looking for a new drummer.
Single 'Until It Snows' released: 3/17/2014
The recording and mixing of our new album is still in progress. Still the 'Until It Snows' is now released featuring new material, tracks 'Until It Snows' and 'Northern Lights' previously only seen on our live shows. The single is available SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/rimeflame/sets/until-it-snows.
Changes: 6/13/2013
In May 2013, Tommi left the band. We now gladly welcome our new drummer Tuomas Eteläpelto. Fortunately, we found a replacement quickly and thus we're able to continue rehearsals at full speed. We're starting the recordings of the new album soon...
Listen 'Silent Tears' online!: 4/15/2013
'Silent Tears' is available on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/rimeflame/sets/silent-tears and MySpace http://www.myspace.com/rimeflame
Single 'Silent Tears' released!: 4/14/2013
The mixing is finally done and the 'Silent Tears' is now released featuring new material, the title track 'Silent Tears', and rerecorded versions of song 'Homeless In Snow' previously appeared in 'Winter Insomnia'.
New gigs!: 4/8/2013
Rimeflame is playing in Emergenza final at Yo-talo/Tampere on Friday 05/03/2013. Thanks to everyone who voted us and made this possible. We're also playing at Varjobaari on Thursday 05/16/2013. See you there...
Emergenza update: 3/31/2013
Schedule of the Emergenza 4/5/2013: http://emergenza.fi/keikat/

Also, remember to attend the event https://www.facebook.com/events/491019680947006/ and come to see us on friday!
Emergenza: 3/14/2013
Rimeflame is participating in the Emergenza festival. The venue of the contest is Henry's Pub and our show day is 4/5/2013. http://emergenza.fi/keikat/

Also, remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
Kukkona tunkiolla 2013: 2/12/2013
Rimeflame is participating in the "Kukkona tunkiolla 2013" contest. The venue of the contest is Jack the Rooster and our show day is 2/20/2013.
Updated bio: 2/4/2013
Updated bio. Some other minor modifications...
Band photos: 12/16/2012
Added some photos to media page.
Winter Insomnia!: 7/23/2012
Full length album Winter Insomnia released! Checkout discography and media for more information and samples.
New member: 7/18/2012
As our newest reinforcement we gladly welcome our new violin player Anna-Liisa Mattila.
Winter Insomnia samples: 7/2/2012
Few tracks of the new Winter Insomnia album are available in myspace. The album is going to be released in August or end of July.
Unelma: 6/26/2012
Mixing of the album is finally done. Track list and artwork are to be annouced later. A single bearing the name of the last track of the album is now released!
Status update...: 6/12/2012
Mixing of the album is almost done. Stay tuned... We also gladly welcome our new bass player Joni Ahola.
Status update...: 2/12/2012
In the beginning of year 2012 Päivi left the band after the recordings of the next album. So we're looking for a new bass player and possibly a 3rd singer. Most of the material of the new album is recorded but some of the guitar parts and vocals are still remaining. Hopefully it is released in spring 2012.
EP 'Butterfly' released!: 12/18/2011
Checkout discography and media for more information and samples.
Site updatel!: 9/13/2011
Bio-section and counter added.
New material!: 8/3/2011
Full song, instrumental 'Out In The Cold', available in myspace.
Websites online!: 6/27/2011
Our websites are finally online!
Demo single 'Snowflakes' released!: 6/9/2011
The first terriblefying product released. Checkout discography and media for more information and samples.